Petition: Demand for prison furlough for the eight imprisoned Iranian conservationists

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Name of Petition: خواستار مرخصی فوری برای فعالان محیط زیستی زندانی هستیم

English translation of the petition letter:

To the Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Mr. Ebrahim Raisi,

As you are aware, eight conservationists have been detained for more than two years without any furlough. They were first temporarily incarcerated and after their verdicts were pronounced, they have been spending their sentences during the past few months. In the meanwhile they made appeals to their preliminary sentences, which were upheld by the Court of Appeal.

During the past several weeks, Coronavirus outbreak has caused serious concerns for the people of our country, and hence, you timely published a statement in which you instruct prison authorities to favor detainees with furloughs in order to ensure their good health and well-being.

Signatories of this letter, still in shock from the heavy sentences that were issued, are now deeply concerned about the health of the imprisoned conservationists.

Hence, in view of the current distressful situation that the country and especially the families of the detainees are facing, we demand you vigorously to kindly bestow furlough upon them, so that they can each be quarantined in their own home.